Embracing Resurrection: Building New Lives and Restoring Hope

As Christians prepare to celebrate the Easter Mysteries, we at Ursuline Sisters Mission are guided by our belief in the Resurrection, in New Life, as we work toward seeking “Fullness of Life” for all.

As we observe the death of Jesus on Good Friday, we know that is not the end. There are far too many individuals and families in our community who are burdened by hopelessness and what may seem like no way out of poverty. This does not have to be the end of their story.

Our work is more than just providing basic needs such as housing and food. Through our family programs, tutoring, mentoring, and simply being a compassionate presence, we work in partnership to build new lives, to restore hope. This is equity in action. This is the work that seeks what is right and just, allowing all people to become who God created them to be. It is with your prayers and support that we can continue this ministry.

Together we tell the story of Resurrection, of New Life, over and over again through the lives of our neighbors and friends. For that, and so much more, we are eternally grateful.