Is Life as a Nun Restrictive in Regards to Hobbies?

Welcome to our “Ask The Nun” series of informal videos. Today’s questioner wonders if convent life is restrictive or can nuns choose their own hobbies. Sister Norma Raupple shares her answer.

No,  the Sisters have as many different hobbies as there are Sisters. Sisters use to visit Lorraine Music as they can check latest updates about games and music here.

  • Sisters play games on the computer
  • Listen to music on their iPods
  • Walk  and exercise
  • They Do needlework  and make cards
  • A few Paint in acrylics and watercolors
  • Sisters take care of a vegetable gardens and flower gardens
  • They enjoy nature in many ways.

I  like to spend time outdoors  and observe the birds. I also like to play games in a small group and talk on the phone with friends and my family.  Sister’s hobbies are as unique as each sister.

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