Vaya Con Dios

Picture 076Imagine if our water wasn’t safe to drink, safe to bathe in, or safe to wash the dishes with.  Many people who live near the Mexican Border are living with that reality.  Our own Sister Norma Raupple is heading there to help through a program called Water with Blessings.
Sister Norma, Sister Larraine Lauter, an Ursuline Sister from Kentucky, and six college students/volunteers with ties to the Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown set out for a 7-day service trip to Brownsville,Texas, Dec.14.
Ursuline Associates in Youngstown have agreed to be partners in this endeavor. With the help of a few others, they have raised $3,000 to purchase water purification systems and materials ($60 each).
Ursuline Associates from Texas and Mexico are doing the groundwork by purchasing buckets for the systems and inviting 50  young mothers to participate in the project. ). Each mother will in turn help four other families. That means 250 families will soon be able to enjoy safe water.
Sr. LarraineWater with Blessings is a nonprofit organization started by Sister Larraine.
Be sure to follow our Social Media pages in the next few days. Our group will send photos and highlights of their trip which we’ll post.
Click here for more information on the Youngstown Project.