Fullness of Life, Future of Hope Campaign

We have launched a campaign to raise $10 million to care for retired Sisters, safeguard their legacy of ministries, and meet capital project needs. We hope to continue to have your support throughout this campaign, through the next year, and beyond.

Care of Sisters

Since 1874 the Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown have poured themselves out in service to the local Church and the local community, with little or no compensation. With a median age of 80, they now need our help. The National Religious Retirement Office estimates a shortfall of up to $10 million for the funds needed to care for the Sisters as they age, some of which will need to be raised through donations from supporters like you and me. We hope to raise $4 million to provide for care of the Sisters.

Support for Ministry

The Ursuline Sisters have worked in so many places where they have contributed to our education, supported our spiritual development, and perhaps provided pastoral care at critical moments in our lives. In addition to these roles in schools, parishes and hospitals, the Sisters continue to live the Gospel mission and the charism of their founder St. Angela through ministries serving families in need and programs focusing on wellness, education and spirituality for all ages. Under the umbrella of Ursuline Sisters Mission and with our financial support, these ministries can continue to meet the needs of our community.

Capital Needs

Construction is underway to turn part of the Motherhouse on Shields Road into an assisted living where both Sisters and lay residents can find compassionate care and a vibrant, life-giving senior community. We are making major updates to the space, including the installation of a comprehensive fire suppression system and the repurposing of administrative offices and other space to create more residential suites. Other ministry sites are overdue for safety upgrades. The full cost of these renovations will be $6 million, and we are hoping to raise half that amount for the Sisters.