HIV/AIDS Ministry | Support Services

Angela's Place - The Ursuline Sisters Café

Our Ursuline Sisters Café is held once a month for HIV support services. Our Café includes a home-cooked meal, entertainment, prizes, educational opportunities, Angela's Place pantry and food bags, a giveaway table and a children's program. The event is an opportunity for the HIV community to network and relax in a welcoming environment while having some of their material needs met.

The Ursuline Sisters Cafe

A Food Pantry

Our food pantry consists of food donated by churches and individuals, as well as food purchased from the Second Harvest Food Bank. We distribute food bags that include canned/boxed, fresh and frozen items equivalent to at least five days of meals at the monthly Ursuline Sisters Café. At Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas we give bags filled with everything a family would need for their holiday meal.

Ursuline Sisters Ministry Food Pantry

A Household Pantry

Our pantry consists of household supplies and personal hygiene items like toilet paper, deodorant, shampoo, soap, tissues, and paper towels. Churches, civic groups and individuals donate pantry items to the Ministry. We buy additional items as needed and we distribute the pantry bags at the monthly Ursuline Sisters Café.

Household Pantry Items