“Sister Carole, You’re the First Nun I’ve Ever Met!”

Sister Carole 2During this past June, I enjoyed a wonderful vacation in North Carolina and Florida, visiting with friends both young and old. One of the people I spent time with was Amy Lindsley, who now resides in North Carolina. She and I first met in 1977 when, as principal of Saint Luke School, I was interviewing candidates for a school nurse.

This was my first assignment as principal. This was one of the first tasks I needed to do before the school year began. As an introvert, I wasn’ t looking forward to the task thinking the candidate probably was less nervous than I was.

Amy recalls, she wasn’t nervous about the interview itself, but being non-Catholic and meeting a nun for the first time produced great anxiety, to say the least. Fortunately, our time together went well. We talked for a long time that day and shortly thereafter I hired her for the position. No, it wasn’t because I didn’t want to do any more interviews!

Amy was a natural for the position. She was, and still is, an extremely kind, compassionate and caring person. I knew that the children of our school were in good hands. It was during Amy’s second year at the school that her husband of 21 years died of cancer. Those days were difficult but Amy’s faith was strong and our friendship deepened as we shared many discussions about faith and God and about what the future might hold for her and her four young children.

Since she was now the only “bread winner” for the family, Amy moved on to a full time position at Boardman High School but our “connection” was never lost. I am happy to say that I was her sponsor when she was received into the Catholic faith. Amy became a member of our Company of Angela and spent many hours visiting at the Ursuline Motherhouse, especially with Mother Blanche, who was retired at the time.

Amy remains a blessing in my life, though separated by 500 miles. She tells me I continue to be a blessing in her life. I am thrilled that God chose me to be the first nun she ever met!

Reflection written by Sister Carole Suhar