Deepening Your Relationship With Christ: Sister Mary Alyce Koval’s Vocation Story

Sister Mary Alyce KovalIn our continuing series of Vocation Stories, short videos about the Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown Sister Mary Alyce Koval shares her experience on life as an Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown, what inspired her to become a nun, and offers advice on what you can do if you feel called to religious life.
“I would encourage them to keep relationships with any religious women they know or establish some. I think that was the seed of my vocation – getting to know the sisters as individuals. Establish a relationship with a Sister or group for Sisters. Spend time with them, not just in prayer. Most people think we pray all day but we have very busy lives. Share meals with them. Do things socially with them.

I think the core relationship that has to be established is the relationship with God. I think God can work miracles in people’s hearts and minds. Keeping that communication open through prayer – not just formal prayer but spending time with the Lord and listening to the Lord’s side of the conversation. Listen to what Jesus is instilling in your heart to move you forward in your journey. It is a journey, it’s not a decision you make in one day. You move into it and grow into it. Keep that vision of what you want ahead of you and do what you can to nurture it.”


If you’re considering becoming a nun and would like to talk with someone about your thoughts and feelings, call Sister Mary McCormick or Sister Norma Raupple at 330-792-7636 or email them at [email protected].