Is God Calling Me To Be A Nun?

Several times a week, we encounter young women asking that very question. With each encounter we ask the young woman:
Do you experience…….
A Desire to live simply
• An Ability to relate with a variety of   people, to be happy alone or in a group
• A Joy in serving others in any outreach or   parish involvement
• Generosity of heart, time and talent
• An Ability to listen to others and accept direction when needed

A Desire to love expansively rather than needing an intimate relationship with one person
• A Desire to grow in union with God through prayer and service of the needy

Then, God may be calling you to become a nun.
The call to religious life, the call to be a nun, is always marked by a desire to serve God and God’s people, to care for the needy and to bring people to experience God’s love. But, since ministry is a part of every vocation, service is not the distinguishing characteristic of a call to consecrated life as a member of a religious community. The uniqueness of the call to be a nun, the call to religious life is living the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience in community. The essential service of the religious is to witness to all the faithful that each of us is called to treat things, persons and our own self with respect and as ultimately belonging to God.

At the heart of the call to religious life is a desire to give oneself in love to God in a way so total that the pursuit of union with God makes it impossible for anything or anyone to be more central. One becomes unavailable for marriage.

If you believe you are being called to be a nun, give us a call [330. 301.6891] and we can help you discern God’s call.

Why Become a Nun?

Welcome to our “Ask The Nun” series of informal videos. Today’s question focuses on what motivates a woman to become a nun. Sister Norma Raupple shares her answer.

In a call from God to become a nun there are found two desires: The first desire is to give oneself totally to God.  To respond to God’s love  by centering one’s life on this personal relationship with God.  The second desire is to dedicate oneself to help others know and love God Through loving  service  one works with God in spreading the kingdom The purpose of becoming a nun is to find in your heart these two desires. We have the example and vision of our Founder, St. Angela Merici.  She lived out these two desires in her life in northern Italy in the 16th century.

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