In My Name


Magnets attract. The stronger the magnet, the stronger the attraction. Some large magnets are so powerful that it takes a great deal of muscle power to pull the magnet off the metal. Like attracts like. The more the convergences of ideas, values, and interests, the stronger the attraction. Jesus was a strong magnet who attracted disciples to him, disciples who acted in “his name,” who assumed his values.

We act in another’s name in many different circumstances, for example, as ambassadors, those with power of attorney, parents until a child is of legal age. When we act in another’s name, we are not acting as ourselves, but as the other. We are not serving our own needs or interests, but the other’s. So it is with those who act in Jesus’ name.

What does it mean to act in Jesus’ name? What is done in his name, even by those who seemingly are not disciples, continues his saving mission. Jesus is not concerned about who “belong” or not, but rather about whether what they do is consistent with his saving mission. Whoever places serving Jesus and his saving mission above serving their own needs and interests is a true disciple.

Faithfully acting in Jesus’ name requires radical choices on our part. For example, choosing to be a full, conscious, active participant in liturgy; choosing to follow Gospel values rather than merely follow the crowd; choosing to follow God’s call to ordained ministry or religious life. While these and many other radical choices are never easy, when we remain focused on Jesus and his saving mission, we cooperate with him in bringing about the kingdom of God. These choices are life-giving for us and others .Faithful service is expressed in making our own the values and mission that attract us to Jesus in the first place.

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