What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in a Convent?

Welcome to our “Ask a Nun” series. Today, Sister Norma discusses some advntages and disadvantages of living in a convent.

A convent is a house where a group of Sisters share their lives and their space with each other. There is a chapel in the central part of the house because our relationship with God is the center of our lives.

The convent where I live is in Canfield, Ohio where there are 30 of us Ursuline Sisters living together. I see many more advantages for living in a convent than disadvantages:I have a spacious private room which looks out on the woods. I often enjoy the sunrise from my window. At the same time, I enjoy the presence and interaction of other women of faith -women of all ages.Their support and encouragement helps me to maintain a healthy, happy life.Our life style is simple and fulfilling as we gather for prayer and Eucharist and spend time together when we are not engaged in ministry.

At times, I experience the schedule as a disadvantage. For example, the individual sister does not choose the schedule for prayer and meals. The schedule is determined by everyone talking together and deciding what is best for the group life.