Beatitude House | Testimonials and Statistics

“I became empowered to do for myself and to reach out to resources when needed. I want to thank everyone here for everything. It has been an unbelievable experience. Being homeless really gets you down and you did not make me feel homeless. You guys did not see it as a bad thing. You helped me start over.”

“Staff always support you. You never feel alone. They always got your back anytime you need them. They are special people.”

“Beatitude House helped me to get my kids because I had a safe place to bring them to. I was able to stay sober here. I felt accomplished, like I had done something for myself and my kids and did not have to count on others."

“I have safe affordable housing that meets my needs as a disabled person. I've been able to participate in memorable activities in the community with my child that we are so grateful for and will never forget. Thanks to the Beatitude House year after year we have an extremely blessed Christmas. This program has helped me find self-sufficiency as a disabled, single mother. I have always struggled with that, and even though I have such a long way to go I am so proud of how far I have come, and I could not have done it without the amazing staff and support staff.”

We provided 75 households with housing.


94% of households transitioned from A House of Blessing Ashtabula into permanent housing.


Over 40% of clients increased their income within 12 months.


100% were satisfied with the services received from our Housing Team.


100% felt they were treated with respect by our Housing Team.

Beatitude House July 2023