Wake Up The World This Summer

Community Partner AwardPope Francis wrote a letter to Sisters, Brothers,and Priests who have dedicated their lives to the Gospel to join with others to “Wake Up The World”!

These words from our Pope remind me of words we Ursulines have from our Foundress, St. Angela Merici: “Act, Move, Believe, Strive, Hope, cry out with all your heart, for without doubt you will see marvelous things, if you direct everything to the praise and glory of God and the good of souls”! St. Angela also thinks we can wake up the world with the help of many others.

Consider joining us this summer in a variety of service opportunities and find out for yourself. Come to the Orientation on Monday, May 18 at 7:00 PM to get started.

Contact Sister Norma at 330-261-4729 for more information.

Retreat – Contemplation and Action

Icon of the Holy Trinity

Each year the Ursulines make a retreat.  Many sisters make retreat at the Motherhouse while others take the opportunity to experience retreat at another venue.

This year, all the Ursulines of Youngstown joined together the week of June 21 for a communal retreat.  Father Michael Woost,

Father Michael Woost

Assistant Professor of Liturgy and Sacramental Theology at St. Mary Seminary and Graduate School of Theology in the Diocese of Cleveland, served as retreat director.

The theme of the retreat was Contemplation and Action.  This theme was taken from the spirituality of St. Angela Merici, Founder of the Ursulines in 1535, 475 years ago this year.  Fr. Woost developed the theme of Contemplation and Action in light of the mystical journey and in light of the writings of St. Angela.

Each day the sisters gathered for 2 conferences as well as Eucharistic liturgy.  Though the house was filled with sisters, there was a peaceful silence.  It was a profound experience of listening, prayer, and grace.

Welcome to our Newest Associates

The chapel at the Ursuline Motherhouse was full on January 27th, the feast of St. Angela Merici, our Founder.    I was thrilled to hear and see our Nuns and Associates warmly greeting each other.  This is the day each year that we welcome our new Associates and this year we welcomed four women and two men.  This year also marks 475 years since St. Angela met with a group of women in Brescia, Italy and formed the first  “Company of St. Ursula”.

Fr Mike Garvey, Dan Eicher, Maureen Russo, Joan Subler - front: Peggy Eicher, Jean DiVincenzo

Laura Kotheimer  and Michelina Biasella, two Associates, were the musicians who opened the liturgy with “We Are Many Parts”.   Father Michael Garvey was the presider.  Mike also became an Associate this year.  Sister Patricia McNicholas proclaimed the Scripture:   “… put your gifts at the service on one another… (1Peter 4:8)  Sister Nancy Dawson reflected on the Gospel of Mark.  In Mark 9 the disciples had been arguing about who was the most important.  Jesus  puts his arms around a child and continues talking to them about welcoming children.   Sister Nancy challenged us to be child-like in our service.   As we left the chapel on our way to enjoying a meal together we sang “Companions on the Journey” we grateful and joyful hearts.